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A little history...

D Cocoa Crew started off as (and still is) a Cocoa Devil J'ouvert Band – but we have expanded to include other events: a Cooler Fete, COCOA in JULY and a private Carnival section.

Traditionally, the "costume" (for want of a better word) of a Cocoa Devil consists of a pair of horns, a tail, a fork and a mixture of Cocoa powder and oil. But this has evolved over the years and whilst we will always be a "COCOA" band, we do have a carnival theme each year, which we try and offer some sort of costume representation.

As pledged from inception, every year part proceeds are distributed to selected charities.

The following are the D Cocoa Crew's Cocoa Devilz Jouvert Band Presentations:
  • 1994 - “NO FORK IN 94”.
  • 1995 - “DIAPER DEVILS”.
  • 1996 - “DOTTY DEVILS”.
  • 1997 - “Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea”
  • 1998 - “Faithful Devils”.
  • 1999 - “Till Horn do Us Part”
  • 2000 - “2000 Forkin Devils”
    In this our seventh year, we the committee now comprised of three women- Sally Hospedales, Nicola Boucaud and the last standing founding member Cathy Ann Boucaud continued the tradition.
  • 2001 - “Ah Horn Is Ah Horn”
  • 2002 - “Coco Loco Sailor Devils”.
  • 2003 - “Horn A Lulu Devils”.
    On our 10th Anniversary we celebrated by being sponsored for the first time by “Heinken Beer”.
  • 2004 - “Cocoyea Devils”
    This time sponsored by “Carib Brewery” and continued with the drinks inclusive (rum, scotch, vodka, beers, & chasers)
  • 2005 - “Undercover Devils”
  • 2006 - “Viel Gluck – T&T Warriors – Vibes it Up”
  • 2007 - “Drunken Masters”
  • 2008 - “Memoirs of a Cocoa
    We met Siobhan and Noel who formed The Just Because Foundation for kids with cancer. We decided after meeting and seeing and hearing their story we made the decision to adopt the home as our on going charity and proudly we started a relationship with them.
  • 2009 - “A Tribute to Richard “Lebbers” Abraham”.
    Uncle Richard was a very important part of each of our lives and he succumbed to kidney failure in Oct 2008 and we committed to pay tribute to him. A lot of masqueraders did not even know who he was but we knew and when we paid tribute in song to him on the road a lot of confused masqueraders could not understand the reason for playing “Thank You For The Music by Abba” but Nicola, Sally, and the really old members understood. His wife Aunty Madeline joined us for j'ouvert to celebrate his life with us. Uncle Richard rest in peace.
    Love D Cocoa Crew.
  • 2010 - “Hard Wining Devils” - Read "Cocoa Devils J'ouvert 2010 'Hard Wining Devils' Review"
  • 2011 - "Rodeo Devils" - Read "Cocoa Devils J'ouvert 2011 Review"
  • 2012 - "Cocoa Bunnies"
  • 2013 - "20 Years of Cocoa & Fun"

Why play with COCOA DEVILS?

We pride ourselves in putting our masqueraders' security, comfort and enjoyment as priority! With this in mind, we pay particular attention to:
  1. Security detail (managed by experienced and professional security personnel)
  2. No Public Advertising of Band Details (social networking only)
  3. Selection of “safe” j'ouvert routes
  4. Adequate Fully stocked all inclusive trucks
  5. Delicious Breakfast meals
  6. Different selection of band meeting point each year (in an effort to avoid non paying persons)
  7. Great J'ouvert DJ Music
  8. Tropolians Steelband (for the steelband lovers)
  9. And Finally – its where you meet all your friends and make new ones on J'ouvert Morning.

Next Date: Monday 8th February 2016 (Carnival Monday morning)

Cocoa Devils J'ouvert 2016 Registration

To register, click on link below :


Registration Fee: TT$650.00 (US$110.00)

REGISTRATION OFFICE: 22 Murray Street, Woodbrook
MON - FRI - 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm
Payment Options: Online via Credit Card. Payment at Murray Street is Linx and Cash only.



Thanks to all loyal friends for your continued support!
We look forward to another fantastic time On The Road!

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